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Wealth be
              my Friend

Wealth be my Friend

This book (front cover at left) has been published. This web site gives an overview of the content of the book.The retail price is US$19.99. The book is available from Amazon.com.

Click here for more info re book (Trafford.com site) ISBN: 1-4120-9252-3

let my people grow

Let my People Grow!

Moses came to Pharaoh, who had enslaved Israel, and said, "God says, 'Let my people go!'"

Suppose a new prophet came to the Church and said, "God says, 'Let my People Grow!'" How would the Church react (any / all denominations)?

Every preacher, at some time, will say from the pulpit, "Christianity is about relationships." But never says anything (if it is known) about how to enter into and nurture that relationship - and Grow!

Eugene Peterson says, "For most of my adult life I have questioned the marginalisation of matters of maturity, of spiritual formation, of theological aesthetics, of growing up in Christ 'healthy in God, robust in love'.  I have attempted to give witness to all that is involved in its practice.  Without, I must say, much success."  (Practise Resurrection, p7)

That answers the question above about the new prophet!

"Obey!" "Obey!" "Obey!" is the litany most preachers present. They sound like Muslim Imams. Islam is based on obedience to the will of God (as expressed in the Koran, with some input from the Old Testament).

This book attempts to display,  drawing on 2000 years of Christian experience, how to grow deeper in oneś personal relationship / walk with the Lord.

loving the lover cover

Loving the Lover

"God is Love" - but what is love really?

This is explored in great depth. The author tells how, although trained in theological matters, he realised, while emerging from a deep clinical depresssion, just how immense and far-reaching God's love is.

This is a work in progress.

Leon Schuster does it again
Leon Schuster does it again
Dell Inspiron N5050 Notebook
Dell Inspiron N5050 Notebook
Guinness World Records 2013
Guinness World Records 2013
Save up to 45% off eBooks
Save up to 45% off eBooks

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