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    Geoff Paxton (pictured) learnt hard lessons from his own financial woes, and recognised that these troubles were caused by certain attitudes,what he terms a 'PovertyMentality'.When one shops with one's eyes and says, "I must have that, no matter the cost!" and then buys - usually on credit - debt mounts up and overwhelms one.
    Then one is so busy fighting off creditors there is no way to save or invest in any way, and so wealth-creation becomes an illusion.Living and working as an Anglican (Episcopal) priest in South Africa, and born in 1948 just as the Natioalist Party came to power,the era of Apartheid was part of normal life. Desmond Tutu was a highly influential change-agent, as Archbishop of Cape Town. Beyers Naude became a friend through my contacts with him while working as a journalist, and I respected his stance of standing firm on what he believed even though his Church and the government believed otherwise - for which he was severely persecuted.
    Having written the book (see book pages) Geoff struggled with how best to get this teaching across to others - and decided to do this through seminars.
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