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G. George Paxton is available to church or business groups or trade unions to run seminars to inform and equip others to identify the causes of debt; get out of debt; and build wealth.

If you answer YES to any of the following you need to attend a seminar.


In the near future seminars will be run by QEI Growth, and advertised in the media.

        to stop diggingWho should attend?

Anybody who is not coping with debt, and feels burdened every time he/she hears bad inflation or interest-rate news.

Anybody who wants to take control of their financial destiny and become independently wealthy.

What is the cost? Can I afford it?

The cost will be inexpensive for what is offered. The issue of affordability is for you to choose. The questions to ask are: 

- Can I afford not to attend? 

-- Will my situation improve on its own?

We believe this training is priceless in that it will enable you to live financially free lives. This is a service that will stand you in good financial stead for the rest of your life. If it were too inexpensive you would not think it was worth bothering with it.

Whatever you spend is an investment in your future, and you should recoup the cost hundreds of time over. (This is not a guarantee - it depends on your own efforts to create wealth.)

What will be discussed?

The material in this website in greater detail, with practical exercises to help you take theory into practice and build sound financial habits.

The material will be presented in understandable terms. You do not have to be a genius to understand.

What must I bring?

Writing material - pen / pencil, notebook. You will be provided with a workbook and a CD (one per couple) which has a calculator to facilitate the implementation of the skills you will learn.

To book send an email or phone see 'About Us' page.

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