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We want things; so rush and buy them, whether we can afford them or not — and then wonder where our money disappeared to.

This behaviour ensures we will remain in a poverty trap, and a cycle of ongoing,ever-growing debt forever.

Poverty is an addiction — no different, in effect, to alcohol or drug addictions.

When one is addicted it seems impossible to escape the poverty!

Even when the poverty-addict gets a job, the poverty still has him / her in its grip. The result is that he / she goes and buys a fancy car on credit, plus a lot of other things — what was coveted - all on credit.

In no time there is no money left. 

What then? How do you get more money? Change jobs if you can, or get an increase (perhaps go on strike) ... If you can't get more money, the companies giving you credit will take the things away and get judgements against you — then you can't get any more credit.

help is available - read on

Creating wealth is about thinking:

There are aspects of thought that need to be developed and expanded.

Instead of the negative below the line) thinking, which marks a victim, you need to foster positive (above the line) thinking, which marks the transfer from victim to victor. How? By developing the habits of a victor.

You have to learn to think creatively - looking for possibilities - not being crushed by what seem to be impossibilities.

How do we do that?

thinking typesTo develop these thinking abilities we need to know how the various types of intelligence work:

The basic is IQ - Intelligence Quotient that measures intelligence against an average of 100. We have no real control over it. It is something we have. It has been said that all children are born geniuses, but 9,999 out of 10,000 are trained out of it by their parents and others.

Daniel Goleman observed another form of intelligence which he called EQ - Emotional Intelligence, which measures the way one reacts emotionally to stimuli.

Zohar and Marshall posit a third kind SQ - Spiritual Intelligence, which shows your ability to use IQ and EQ and transform and control your emotional reactions, thus taking charge of your destiny.

FQ - Financial Intelligence is the ability to harness intelligence, emotion and spirit in the handling and management of money, and in doing so, to become a complete person. FQ is an application of IQ, EQ and SQ. The book, and this site, is about developing the skills that will enable this to become a reality. These build on one another. They all contribute to making one a whole person.

Habits - developng good ones, losing bad ones

We teach children habits. For example, if they scream loud and long enough they will get what they want. Watch a toddler in a journey round the supermarket. Whatever is in reach is grabbed, and held on to for dear life. The child learns the habit of instant gratification.

The most important habit we have to learn is the habit of saying No to our selfish desires, to our covetous hearts, saying No to instant gratification, and learning to delay that gratification until we can afford (and have planned to spend money) on an item.

To learn a habit takes time, perseverance, self-awareness, perseverance, persistence, and more time.

QEI Growth — Take Charge of your Financial Destiny

Financial Freedom should be your goal.

How you achieve that is part of your planning process

When you are blaming someone else for your circumstances, you are trapped in the victim mentality. 

In South Africa it is easy for blacks to blame the problems of Apartheid for their problems. Now that Apartheid is not there to blame, it is the government or business or the banks which won't lend you money, or the credit bureaux which have listed you as a bad risk.


It is your journey, escaping poverty and debt, and creating wealth and coming to a place of spiritual wholeness. Now is the time for you to take charge of your own destiny. Nobody else cares.

You can build adequate wealth easily if you start early enough. Look at the graph below. The longer you delay to invest for your future, in particular your retirement, the more difficult it is and the more expensive.  The graph shows how the amount needed increases exponentially. Not only does it take more money the longer you delay (the cost of delayed opprtunity), but the total amount to be invested also grows dramatically.

The amount
              needed escalates shrply the longer you wait to begin
Years to Retirement Must Invest Monthly
30 1,000
25 2,000
20 7,000
10 15,000
5 44,000
don't delay -
              start today

The 'poor' blame everyone but themselves. 'The government should do something about it.'

In South Africa, since the restrictive policy of apartheid is gone, the government has guaranteed accelerated equalisation of access to work (Black Economic Empowerment), but South Africans are lazy, so employers take on Zimbabweans or other races. Then we have riots because 'They are stealing our jobs!' The reality is, the jobs would not have gone to them anyway.

Then government had a great idea. State Lottery!

For a stake of a few Rand - "Everyone can afford that, can't they?" - you have a chance of perhaps winning millions. But:

lotto odds against
        winningThe odds against winning are so small you would have as much chance if you threw your money in the sea.

If you take R20 or R21 at all four draws in the week, that is R82 per week. Invest that, at say, 10%, and

after 5 years you would have R6,349

after 10 years you would have R16,797

after 20 years it would be R62,268

not bad winnings?

The national lottery feeds your addiction - it is counter-productive!

There are unsubstantiated indications - fed by rumours - that the National Lottery may be manipulated to ensure the rich get richer and the poor, poorer!

The Lottery is clever, it hands out many small prizes. These are a sales trick to keep you betting more. Why do you not put your money on horses. The odds there are nowhere near as high, perhaps 1 in 20, and you can make informed choices of what to back. No - please do not do that either.

Save your money. Not just in the bank, but where it will grow. The lottery plays games with your mind, "If I win R2 million I will do ... a whole list." It will never happen, recognise that and please, for your own sake, stop throwing your money away. Use what you have cleverly and you can build your own way out of poverty.

why delay? escape
        poverty now!

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