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In South Africa most personal computers are using one of the various Microsoft WindowsTM operating systems. In contrast with the USA, for example, few are using leading edge hardware, because after the equipment has been imported, paying import duties and unfavourable exchange rates, the prices are generally prohibitive. So, to save costs, most new machines are sold with partially paralysed processors and only 512Mb or 1Gb of memory - which is barely adequate. It is extremely rare to see anything advertised with 2Gb or 4Gb - which is actually what one needs to run effectively.

Then most machines are sold bundled with a variant of a Windows operating system, and, sometimes with Microsoft OfficeTM. These load the price even further.
Most people use their home computers for (and not much more in the office):

It makes sense for South Africa to be using free software. The Linux operating system has been around for some time. The Shuttleworth Foundation recognised the value of Linux for South Africa and made and marketed a 'home-grown' variant Ubuntu-LinuxTM which they tried to get into wide circulation through schools etc.

QEI Growth was using a French variant of Linux - Mandriva-LinuxTM which is the friendliest Linux we had seen and experienced, and is acclaimed and used by over 5 million people world-wide. QEI Growth has registered with the parent company as a partner, giving us the right to distribute Mandriva Free and Mandriva One (a cut-down version that will run easily on an older machine - earlier than Pentium 4).To enquire re pricing:

Ubuntu Linux releases a new build every 6 months -- latest is October 2012 (12.10) - with 13.04 imminent. When it has been installed it gives one the option to download vast resources of other software, and you will be able to do at least as much as in Windows, probably much more.

The advantages of Linux is that it will do all the required functions at least as well as any other commercially available software - at no cost, no licences, no illegal software, fantastic internet browsing and email - superb sound systems, plus desktop-publishing, bookkeeping - and viruses? no way! To choose various varieties follow the link below:

Specialist provider of CD or DVD open-source software

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