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Develop your Vision Statement

There are some key features of a vision statement. Remember: 'Where there is no vision the people perish / run amok / loose direction'.

We offer a service of facilitating a strategic vision-planning workshop - usually one whole day.

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Then develop your Strategic Plan

Having determined your vision statement you have to then define the ways you intend to make the vision become a reality:

This may take the form of workshops, which we would happily facilitate, or may be delegated to a department, with our assistance.

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Then develop your Business Plan

Knowing your vision and goals and plans, you would then need to put financial costs and benefits to the steps of the action plans. For example, a step may require the purchase of equipment - quantify and cost that. If the business plan is to be used to raise capital (from a bank, or investors) then all costs must be balanced by benefits - and contingencies. If one part of the plan goes adrift, what are implications for the whole?

This is an important strategic document, and must be written so that your business presents the best possible picture to any providers of capital. This means that:

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Editing Business Profiles

Having completed the above steps, which are primarilary for internal use, it is appropriate to condense and use some of the information to produce a business profile, which is to say to clients and prospective clients, "This is who we are and what we do, and we are good at it. Can we help you?"

In addition to the information from the planning process it is good to include some testimonials from happy customers. When you angage with a new or prospective client the hidden agenda is always, "Can we trust this unknown entity to deliver as promised?" Testimonials help to put them at ease.

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Editing of Books and Articles

Often an author may have an idea for a book, and just jump in and start writing. There is no problem with that approach, as his / her interest and passion may make progress quick. In next to no time a manuscript is finished, but some chapters are only a couple of pages long, and others are a couple of hundred long. Also, everyone has a limited vocabuary for everyday use. They may know the fancy words that usually need a thesaurus to find, but won't have used them at all. The text is short of the words adding value, the descriptive or qualifying adverbs and adjectives, and certain favourite phrases will be used often.

The best thing that can happen, at this stage, is for the writer to leave the book completely for some weeks or months, and then start reading it as though it is someone else's book - and identifying how it can improve.

An independent editor can also help to take a dispassionate look at the book, and see grammatical flaws, but also structural strengths and weaknesses. If the editor - we could fill that role - sees a need for grammatical or structural changes, these must be added (in another colour, so that the author's text is not directly interfered with, but suggestions are made for improvement.

Much the same applies to articles, although the period between writing and editing is usually much briefer. If the article is to be placed in a specific magazine or journal, it must 'fit' stylistically with the general style of other articles.

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Your Curriculum Vitae - market yourself effectively

There are the four P's of marketing to consider:

The CV must be brief and pointed, without unnecessary waffle. If you played professional football for 5 years - mention it, but do not make it a big deal.

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Your Academic Thesis - a professional job

When you register for an academic thesis your first step is to produce a 'research proposal', mapping out the methodology you plan to use (empirical research or literature survey) and the scope of the project. Much of what you develop there will be the basis for your introductory sections of the thesis, such as details of the academic discipline you are working in; the context and scope of the research.

The flesh of the thesis must define the problem you are investigating; how you envisage the problem being resolved; drawing you to conclusions. If you are doing empirical research you need to research the size and scope of the problem(s); your plan of action to resolve the problem; your attempts at problem-solving, and then a conclusion.

In whatever discipline you are working in, you will have a supervisor appointed to work with you. You will need to adhere to the direction that he / she sets for you. Our role in editing is to, within those parameters, ensure that the academic research is sound and correctly expressed.Our role is in the detail. Each faculty will set parameters of how the thesis document must appear. We can help you set the document format in place as you start, so things like 'Table of Contents' can be created with no effort.

It is to your advantage to get us involved up front in the process, so we can help you set up the infrastructure for your thesis.

We do not interfere in the relationship between you and your supervisor, who has the academic oversight and guidance you will need.

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What will this service cost?

We deal with two types of clients, business and private individuals. Recognising that the benefits to business are great, and that we are providing a tax-deductible benefit, the rates are higher for business than individuals. The only equitable rate - from both sides - is for our services to be billed on an hourly rate. Any / all expenses incurred on the client's behalf will be billed at cost to the client. These rates may be negotiatable.

There is also a dynamic, that when you have to pay for something, even if it appears expensive, you value it more because of what it costs. We undertake to add sufficient value so that the cost pales into insignificance. I find that an hourly rate is fairer to the customer than a per-page rate, which some editors work on.

Business - R500 per hour

Individuals - R125 per hour

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 Vision Statements  Strategic Plans  Business Plans Business Profiles

Books & Articles  Resume / CV  Academic Thesis  Costs?  Contact Us

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